About Helios Power

Since its foundation in the year 2000 Helios Power established itself as a recognized player on the energy market, starting from the position of a trader in petroleum products.

March 2008
Work on the Transformation Concept based on an active marketing attitude
May 2008
General Overview on Solar Technologies and possibilities for their implementation, a study prepared by the Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (CLSENES at BAS)
June 2008
Helios Power started its transformation and progress towards the PV market sector in Renewable Energy Sources
Sept. 2008
The First Preliminary Study of the Montana region (CLSENES at BAS)

The Practical Steps

Oct. 2008
Acquisition of the Montana Solar Park plot of 30 hectares and Montana Solar Park Incorporation
Dec. 2008
Acquisition of the Mokresh Solar Park plot of 8 hectares and Mokresh Solar Park Incorporation
Dec. 2008
Set up of the Research & Development teams for the Plots
April 2009
Solar Valchedram Project - Acquisition of ˜ 4 hectares of Industrial Area in Valchedram Municipality
Jan 2010
Full administrative and construction permits for Mokresh Solar Park obtained the start of the preparatory construction works on the plot
June 2010
Test of the Sadef Voest Alpine support structure on the plot
July 2010
Delivery of the TMEIC inverter on the plot
July 2010
Delivery of first shipment of Hyundai PV modules on the plot
Construction works in progress
Oct. 2010
Mokresh Solar Park First 1 MWp Connected to the National Grid, from June 2011 the Park is working with full 4,2 MWp capacity
Aug. 2011
Valchedram Solar Park connected to the Grid and producing electricity with full capacity
Sept. 2011
Preparatory works on M Solar Park 1 (Sredetz 1,8 MWp) and construction of the support structure, fencing and infrastructure started.
Oct. 2011
Ground preparatory works as well as infrastructure construction started on Montana Solar Park’s plot (3, 0 MWp).
Nov. 2011
Solaren Park Bulgaria (5 MWp) under construction with ground preparatory works
Nov. 2011
Biomass team formation
Feb. 2012
Support structure construction on Sredetz Solar Park (M1 SP) and Montana Solar Park
March 2012
PV Modules installation on Sredetz Solar Park (M 1 SP) and Montana SP
March 2012
Support structure construction on Yerussalimovo (Solaren Park Bulgaria)

Helios Power Briefly – Development of Structures

July 2010
Incorporation of Greentech Engineering Solutions – a Special Purpose Company of experienced contractors in the field of PV Park Design, Architecture & Construction
March 2012
GES acts successfully as EPC Contractor which gained considerable practical experience and affirmed itself as one of the leaders on the Bulgarian market. By this month they have completed Sredetz and Montana Solar Parks, working on Yerussalimovo Solar Park as well as on several non-corporate projects.

The Helios Power Structure